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Murphy’s Law: 5 ways great parents make great kids shares simple ideas for raising great kids.

Bill Murphy, Jr. writes (excerpt):
1. Stay on top of them.
. . . British researchers found that parents who articulate high expectations are more likely to have kids who grow up to be successful — and avoid some key pitfalls.
2. Praise them correctly.
. . . Effort praise: Great job! You worked hard and figured it out!
Bottom line up front: When you praise kids, praise them for effort, not abilities.
3. Take them outside.
4. Read to them correctly.
. . . [W]hen you can, the more effective thing to do is to engage your child while reading. Ask them to read parts of the books. Ask them what they think will happen with the plot. If they’re too young for that, ask them to turn the pages for you.
5. Make them do chores.
. . . [P]eople generally need two things to be successful in life. The first is love; the second is work ethic.
. . . “By making them do chores … they realize I have to do the work of life in order to be part of life. It’s not just about me and what I need in this moment.”

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