Domestic Diversions

Kids gone wild: help for overwhelmed parents

CNN Parents addresses struggling with a child’s behavioral problems and highlights the fact that there is help out there.

Kelly Wallace includes references to advice like (excerpt):
–“help them hear about why (sneaking on a plane) wasn’t safe, why it was against the law and how other people were harmed, and then you take a look at the consequences.”
–wait for a “cooling off period” if no one’s safety is at risk before talking with their kids about the bad behavior.
–“The best consequence is not deprivation, it’s reparation . . . . As a function of what you did that you should not do, you are going to have to do some things around the place to work this off.”
–“try one thing and be consistent with it. Be calm with it. Be caring with it.”
–get counseling when “significant caring or communication or cooperation or compliance with their adolescent has been lost, and there is a need to get everyone better connected and the relationship back on track.”

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