Domestic Diversions

Divorcing Myths

20/20’s John Stossel addresses several myths of divorce (excerpt):
MYTH: Divorce hurts women much more than men, and many men abandon their kids.

TRUTH: Both men and women suffer after divorce, and lots of men want to give more to their kids.
[Sanford] Braver was surprised to discover that the [Lenore] Weitzman figures were wrong, the result of a mathematical error. Weitzman later admitted she was wrong. She said a computer analyst had made a mistake-a mistake, in this case, heard around the world.

. . . “Our results,” he said, “show that men and women come out almost exactly equally.”

Braver then found that the Census data about deadbeat dads was way off too. The data came from questions asked of the custodial parent only. The custodial parent was almost always the mother. . . .

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