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Cheap but capable laser printer for your desktop

I remember when a $200 laser printer was considered an extraordinary bargain. Today, there are lasers that occasionally sell for $150, even $100 after rebates. We have now reached a new low in laser printer prices. How about $49.99! Yes, that is the final price after mail-in rebates for the very capable Samsung ML-2010 laser printer this week at Best Buy. The sale price is $119.99, but there are $70 worth of mail-in rebates. The ML-2010 prints at 22 pages per minute, which is fast for an inexpensive personal laser printer. A review by PC Magazine gave it very high ratings for quality text output and speed, criticizing it only for its relatively small 150 sheet paper tray capacity. I’ve used an earlier version, the Samsung ML-1210, as my personal desktop printer for the last 5 years and it still works great. I think ink jet printers are a waste of time and money for a law office, even on the desk of a lawyer who prints only occasional emails and child support formula calculations. The cost per page for ink jets is substantially higher than it is for lasers, and the slower speed can be a drag on productivity. So now there are no price-related excuses to have an ink jet printer on your desk. Dump it and buy a personal laser like the Samsung ML-2010.

2 thoughts on “Cheap but capable laser printer for your desktop

  1. Don

    It is amazing how many people buy cheap printers only to find later that the cost of running them is expensive. That is especially true of many ink jet printers that run with two ink cartridges. When you are out of one color, you replace three colors.

    My only critcism of your choice is that it lacks color … maybe not something used often in the practice of law, but I enjoy having color available. I enjoy having a scanner, color ink jet, copier, all in one next to me.

    I found the complaint in the review you site about the paper tray size (150 sheets) to be kind of funny. How bothersome is it to reach next to you and replace the paper every “three days” as they give in their example. The whole point is that it is a personal printer in close proximity to you.

    Technology costs are really dropping and that is great. Nice article Scott.

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