Domestic Diversions

And of course the cup is empty: When ordering, ask for the engagement ring “on the side”

NBC and WCBD–Charleston, SC shakes us up with the story of Reed Harris and Kaitlin Whipple. Reed tried to make a memory and he succeeded (excerpt):
Everyone except the bride-to-be was in on the plan to stash the ring in the milkshake.

To encourage her to eat the ice cream faster, they challenged her to a race.

“I mean, I was taking huge bites and swallowing,“ Kaitlin wrote. “There was no tasting at all. I get to the end and everyone starts staring at me with this weird, worried look on their face, and I have no clue what is going on around me.“
“Reed picks up my cup, looks in it, and of course it is empty,” Kaitlin said. “Then he starts looking all around me like he lost something. Then everyone starts digging in their cups and looking around them. I have no clue what is going on this whole time. Finally Reed gets up and tells me that he thinks I swallowed my ring.”

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